Chris Paul Will be a Laker

Well Chris Paul is not going to be a Knick. The Lakers went ahead and swapped Pau Gasol and Odom for Chris Paul. The trade is proposed to be a 3 way with Houson. Lakers get Paul, Houston gets Gasol, New Orleans gets Odom, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Goran Dragic.

Honestly, I think the Lakers get worse. Their biggest advantage was having the two 7 footers down low. They no longer have that and have a gaping hole at the 4 and an injury prone Andrew Bynum playing center. The Lakers bench seemingly looks worse than what the Heat or Knicks have right now. I think if the Lakers then get Dwight Howard then its a different story but this team right now definitely isn’t the best in the Western Conference. OKC is better. Memphis might be better. Portland looks good. LA right now is in transition but right now they do not improve from this deal.


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