Knicks Are 20/1 Odds to Win the Finals

Vegas has the Knicks at 20/1 odds to win this years NBA championship. This line puts them 7th in line to win it all. Here are the top 10 lines:

Miami 9/4

LA Lakers 5/1

Chicago 7/1

OKC 15/2

Dallas 17/2

Boston 12/1

Knicks 20/1

Orlando 22/1

San Antonio/ Memphis 25/1

Portland 30/1

I think this is about right. Obviously these are premature in that free agency has not occurred yet. I never put too much into these lines but for all the gamblers out there I think this is a pretty fair line. The Knicks definitely are flawed but with 2 superstars you never ever know. Especially in the league that saw LeBron James upset year after year in the playoffs and the league that saw the last lockout Knicks overcome the 8th seed and win the eastern conference.


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