Carmelo Anthony Wants Chris Paul on the Knicks… Duh

On Thursday, Knicks star Carmelo Anthony said what everybody knew; that he would love to have Hornets guard Chris Paul in a Knick uniform.

“If it works out and he comes here and they allow him to come here, you’ll see a smile from ear to ear,” Anthony said, according to the New York Post. “It’s not just me. It’s everybody [in New York]. If he decides to leave New Orleans and goes somewhere else, they’ll be feeling the same way I’m feeling.”

Isn’t this why we are having the lockout? Cause owners do not want players recruiting each other and joining up in big markets? I love Melo as much as the next fan but this is not the time for him to be saying things like this. Also I do not really see the reason for saying this. Everybody knows that he would like to join up with Chris Paul. Everyone knows about the infamous Melo-LaLa wedding where Paul made a toast to a big three in New York (along with Amar’e Stoudemire).

Obviously I would love to see a big three with Paul also. Whether or not it would be best for the team would have to be decided by the roster and pieces around them but either way it would be entertaining and the team would have a great chance to be great. I really do not get why Melo said this at this time, probably the worst possible time to make comments like this, and I do not think it is necessary to say that in public. Everyone knows that, why say it? Telling it to a New York paper is not going to make it happen or heighten the chances of it happening so why say it? I love Melo but I think it would be just best if he keeps this Chris Paul stuff on the DL. You know, since there is a lockout going on where the fight is about superstars changing teams it is probably best to just not say the free agent stuff. Just saying…


3 comments on “Carmelo Anthony Wants Chris Paul on the Knicks… Duh

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