Derrick Brown Working Out at Accelerate

This is a great sign to see for Knick fans because I think Derrick Brown has got a ton of potential. You are talking about a guy who is a big small forward at 6’8 that has great athleticism. On our team where we are smaller in the paint, having tall wings (such as Shumpert, Fields, Melo, Shawne Williams) is important to giving us some size on defense. I think if Brown can get a consistent offensive game going, he can be a beast. I really like that he is improving his jump shot cause as a role player if he can score 8-10 points a game, that is huge boost for us. I really think the key to the Knicks in the future is our bench. Melo and Amar’e will score but if we can get 30-40 points a game from guys like Douglas, Shumpert, Williams and Brown then nobody should outscore us.