Stoudemire Takes Shots At Robert Sarver


I guess Amar’e Stoudemire is still bitter about his departure from the Phoenix Suns as Alan Hahn for newsday tweeted today.

I think this probably stems both from his frustration about the lockout and his disdain for Suns owner Robert Sarver. Remember, Amar’e did want to remain in Phoenix but was unable to get a 5th guaranteed year on his contract from them. Saver is one of the small market owners pushing for the lockout and it makes sense why. If the last CBA would have had the 5/4/3 contract model that is being proposed in these labor talks, Sarver would have been able to keep Stoudemire. Phoenix would have been in the playoffs and attendance would not have suffered for Phoenix last season. It completely makes sense why Stoudemire is bitter towards Sarver. As much as I think these guys make too much money as it is, I think it was insulting to Stoudemire to not get that 5 year offer. I think Stoudemire, after 8 years in Phoenix and after all he had done for that franchise, was hurt by not getting that deal and thus came to New York. Now I am happy as hell to have him, I love Stoudemire but if he had gotten that 5 year max offer, such as the offer he got from the Knicks, he would still be a Phoenix Sun today. Again, this is all lockout rhetoric that nobody will remember in two weeks but it is interesting that Stoudemire still thinks back to the Phoenix days.