Stoudemire Planning Off-Season Workouts

Last week at the Melo league versus Goodman league showdown, Carmelo Anthony provided us with an interesting quotation after the game:

““I’m trying to find Amar’e, man,” Anthony said, laughing. “If anybody’s seen Amar’e, just tell him. I don’t know where he’s at . . . I heard he’s in China, I heard he’s back. Maybe I’ll see him in New York next week for Fashion Week.”

Many Knick followers, myself included, cringed when he made these comments because the two cornerstones of the franchise need to be on the same page. Newsday has reported that Anthony was in fact joking and that the two Knick superstars have been in contact all off-season and that Stoudemire has in fact began to organize Knick workouts next month. According to un-named Knick players, Stoudemire has emailed all 10 Knicks under contract, a few free agents from last years team and both rookie draft picks about working out at the IMG basketball facility in Florida. Iman Shumpert, the teams first round selection has been working out at IMG all off-season. The workouts will take place from Oct. 19 – Nov. 3. Jerome Jordan likely will not be in attendance due to his contract with Slovenia and Ronny Turiaf has a broken finger so his status is unknown.

This is very refreshing to hear because I was very worried when Melo made those comments. The Knicks right now seem healthy enough to do a camp like this at full speed. Melo looked thinner and more muscular last week at the Melo league game and seems to be 100% healthy after that elbow injury and Billups has been cleared to play basketball again. Stoudemire has had issues with his back but he has been cleared to play basketball as well and was healthy enough to win a 3 point shooting contest in China last month. Overall, it is great to hear that the two stars have been in contact and hopefully this camp will carry over into better chemistry when the regular season begins.

[Image via Michael Robinson]


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