Amar’e Making Moves This Off-season.

Despite his back still being injured, Amar’e Stoudemire has been quite active this offseason. While he has not been able to workout, shoot around, or do cardio exercises, he has been working on his non-basketball hobbies. His fashion line (logo above) with designer Rachel Roy is set to be released soon, and has announced his partnership with Big Lead Sports to create his own sports/fashion website.

Stoudemire has worked closely with designer Rachel Roy on her RACHEL Rachel Roy clothing line. The line is the cheaper, “younger sister” version of her Rachel Roy line. Roy says that she loves to work with people at the top of their game in other areas, and Stoudemire definitely fits that mold. Stoudemire has helped her develop what is described as “courtside apparel for women”. The line targets sporty women who are looking to wear sporting apparel classier than what is sold in sporting good stores, but casual enough to wear at an athletic event. Stoudemire says:

“I wanted to bring something to women who go and watch basketball games or want to be comfortable on the weekends and still look polished and chic -– clothes that could be dressed up or dressed down.”

Many of the pieces bear Stoudemire’s number 1, the Knicks logo, or the Star of David in which Stoudemire has a tattoo of on his hand. It is said that Stoudemire will be coming out with a line for men after he is finished with his current work. Here is a sketch sample of some of Roy/Stoudemire’s work:

Stoudemire has also struck a deal with Big Lead Sports to create his own sports and fashion website. One of his main goals is to boost the popularity of fantasy basketball which pails in popularity to fantasy baseball and football. It’s also rumored that the site will try and create an educational curriculum. Amar’e says:

“From fantasy basketball, it’s a great way for you to learn math without you even knowing it.”

Stoudemire will become a shareholder of Big Lead Sports and an advisor to the company.

Amar’e’s moves show how well rounded of a man he is. Clearly he understands that his basketball career will not last forever, and it is admirable that he uses his stature in the sports world to make opportunities for himself outside of basketball. In addition to being an NBA all-star, Stoudemire has been a model citizen ever since he joined the NBA in 2002. Having dealt with attending multiple high schools as a kid, the death of his father and an alcoholic mother who has been in and out of prison, Amar’e is the ideal rags to riches story and he should be an inspiration to kids everywhere. I take my hat off to Stoudemire for all his accomplishments and I hope he continues to flourish.

[Images via Glamzons]


One comment on “Amar’e Making Moves This Off-season.

  1. This is a good look for him. It’s good he’s not letting his back keep him from doing anything and that he’s doing things outside of basketball. He’s a true mogul in the making

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