Knicks Finish Season Below the Luxury Tax Threshold

Thanks again Donnie Walsh. It was announced Saturday that the Knicks finished the season with a $67 million payroll, $3 million below the $70 million luxury-tax threshold. This was the first season since 1999 that the Knicks finished below the threshold having paid $20-30 million annually under jackasses Scott Layden and Isiah “Zeke” Thomas. Once again Donnie Walsh continues to make strides and this is a stride that cheap ass James Dolan ought to appreciate. Dolan, being the money hungry power monger that he is, should appreciate what Walsh has done for his organization. While his man lover Mr. Thomas was producing losers on the court while costing Dolan $30 million annually, Walsh has produced a winner and SAVED Dolan from paying money over the cap. In the end, this accomplishment is just one of many you can add to Donnie Walsh’s tenure with the Knicks and in the end it will not matter due to James Dolan’s moronic and egotistical ways of running his team.

[Image via Los Thats Sports Blog]


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