Knicks 2011-2012 Schedule Released

This afternoon the 2011-2012 Knicks schedule was released. Granted, this schedule will probably be changed due to the lockout but it is still nice to get excited for all the marquee games the Knicks will have. As Alan Hahn of Newsday points out, the Knicks are on ABC Sunday 4 times, TNT Thursday 8 times and ESPN 10 times. I am down to see all these games on national tv because we now are a national team with star power but we better not have LeBron syndrome and choke a lot of these games late. With all the national exposure will come a lot of criticism if we are not successful.

Here are some of the marquee games from the schedule:

Nov 2 vs. Miami

Nov 16 at Denver

Nov 17 at LA Lakers

Dec 7 vs. San Antonio

Dec 25 vs. Celtics

Jan 27 at Heat

Feb 2 vs. Chicago

Feb 10 vs. LA Lakers

Feb 19 vs. Dallas

Mar 4 at Boston

Mar 12 at Chicago

Apr 5 at Orlando

Apr 8 vs. Chicago

Apr 10 at Chicago

Apr 15 vs. Miami

Apr 17 vs. Boston

The Knicks full 2011-2012 schedule can be seen here.



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