Best Knick Games of 2010 #7: Blowouts Over Raptors, Jazz

I chose 2 games for the 7th best game of the 2010 season. I chose two blowouts that the post Melo trade era teams. The scores of the two games were Knicks 131 Raptors 118 and Knicks 131 Jazz 109. In my opinion these games, while they look like old fashion NBA blowouts, have a little bit more meaning than people believe. These were games in which Amare and Carmelo meshed together and both had great games. These games to me, showed the potential that this team has on the offensive side of the basketball.

In the Toronto game, the Knicks were flawless on offense. Amare and Carmelo both had 23 points, Douglas had 28 points. Billups only took 8 shots and had 9 assists, a style that I think benefits the team more than having him take 20 shots and having 5 assists. Billups ended up with 13, Fields had 10 and Derrick Brown got some playing time and had a monster dunk. It was a great game where the whole team meshed on offense. It was a great blueprint of what the team should be next year, Amare and Melo touch the ball, Billups is a distributor, other guys score then Melo and STAT get to rest for the 4th quarter.

In the Jazz game, the Knicks came out of the gate firing. They scored 40 points in the first quarter. Once again, Melo and Amare played well together and couldn’t be stopped. Carmelo had 34 and Amare had 31 to lead the Knicks. Jeffries was the only player not to score in the game. The Knicks shot 56% and 50% from 3. The game was a flawless offensive one for the Knicks.

These 2 games show the potential that the Knicks have. If they can learn to play together, this team will score with ease and will be damn near un-guardable. These games were flashes of how this team can play. That is why I chose these 2 games as a combo for the 7th best game of last season.


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