Best Knick Games of 2010 #9: Knicks 128 Spurs 115

The 9th best Knick game from last season was the Knicks dominating victory over the then 29-4 San Antonio Spurs. To me this was the game that most illustrates what the pre-Carmelo team was all about. They were a fast paced, exciting team with great team chemistry and heart. They played with great passion and togetherness and this was illustrated as they picked apart the then best team in the NBA.

The game began in excitement with Amare finding Landry Fields on an alley-oop. It was a back and forth game throughout the first half as DeJuan Blair dominated on the boards. He had an insane tip in on a rebound and then a big dunk that drew a shoulder from Turiaf resulting in a technical foul. Turiaf then tried to say that Blair initiated the contact which, even in my biased eyes, was a bit ridiculous but it was comical. Both teams were dominant on offense and sub par on defense. It was a fast paced half as the halftime score was 72-69 in favor of the Knicks. In the second half and primarily the 4th quarter the Knicks just out ran the Spurs. Chandler was fantastic with 31. Felton and STAT had 28 a piece. The game was still close up until about the 6 minute mark when the Knicks started to pull away. Felton had 2 buckets, Douglas hit a 3 and after a Stoudemire layup the Knicks led by 11, 122-111. San Antonio then called a timeout and pulled all their starters which was beautiful. The Knicks cruised the last 3 minutes of the game and won 128-115.

I chose this as the 9th best game of the season because it was a great illustration of the old Knicks beating down on a team that was more talented. This team won with hustle and heart and it was a pleasure to watch them play. I throughly enjoyed watching them night in and night out as they won game after game that they weren’t supposed to win. This team brought the Knicks to where they are today. This game was a great win for them and shouldn’t be forgotten.



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