Knicks Extend Qualifying Offer to Derrick Brown

     Just in, the Knicks have just extended a qualifying offer worth a little over 1 million dollars to backup small forward Derrick Brown. The good news keeps on coming today. First the Kurt Thomas rumors, now this. I am a big Derrick Brown fan. He’s 6’8, 220 pounds. I think he has a ton of potential due to his great athleticism. During Mike D’Antoni’s late season tryout for playoff bench minutes, I thought Brown played very well. Obviously he wasn’t going to play many minutes as he was a new comer from Charlotte after the deadline and he still has a long way to go, but I would have been interested to see how he did thrown in against Boston in the playoffs. Couldn’t have been any worse then Bill Walker’s 0-11 in game 1. I like Brown’s potential a lot. His dunk against Toronto just showed what kind of player he can be. I think some of the decision to pass up Chris Singleton in the draft had to do with the fact that the Knicks are very high on Derrick Brown. The way the roster stands right now, Brown would be in line to compete with Bill Walker (…) for minutes as Carmelo Anthony’s backup. Clearly I dislike Walker a lot and I like Brown. I really hope we keep him and I will be excited to see how he progresses in the coming years.

Here’s Brown’s monster dunk on Toronto this year:


Image via CBS New York


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