Lawrence Frank May Still Be In Running For Knicks Assistant Coach Job

     Today Marc Stein of ESPN reported that Mavs assistant Dwane Casey is now the favorite for the Toronto Raptors head coaching job. How is this relevant to the Knicks? The former favorite for the Toronto job, Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank, has been rumored with the Knicks. Frank has been a great defensive coach in this league and spent some time around the Knicks last offseason before being hired in Boston. He would be a perfect fit for a team transitioning away from their fast paced game. Nobody draws up a better half court defense than Lawrence Frank. Frank has spoken with Detroit who also has a head coaching vacancy but my fingers are crossed that he’s still available after all the head spots have been filled. In the Knicks search for a defensive coordinator, no man is more perfect for the job than Lawrence Frank and I am holding out lots of hope that we get him. As Dallas has shown, defense wins championship and few are better at coaching defense than Lawrence Frank.


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